Sách thực hành siêu âm có trọng điểm: A pratical guide to Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

A pratical guide to Point of Care Ultrasound POCUS

Although the concept of ultrasound is over 200 years old, the history of using ultrasound as a medical diagnostic tool began only about 70 years ago. Soon, the principle was also found to be an excellent tool for viewing the heart, and echocardiography was born. Strictly being in the radiologists’ domain for the first 50 years, it caught the attention of the intensivists and the emergency physicians. They found ultrasound to be an excellent tool for inexpensive, non-invasive and bedside imaging. They started using it for even hitherto uncharted areas like lung ultrasonography. These physicians were not trained radiologists, but they needed this valuable imaging tool throughout the day.
So, a term point-of-care ultrasonography was born. It was the use of the ultrasound machine to answer some specific questions and assist in some specific procedures, especially needed in critical care. We are already seeing the future when an ultrasound transducer attached to our smartphone will replace the stethoscope for the emergency and critical care physicians. With this background my former colleague Dr. Arunangshu Chakraborty along with Dr Ashokka Balakrishnan has written this excellent book on point-of- care ultrasound. The book is meant for the critical care physician, the emergency physician and the anaesthesiologist. These physicians will find it to be comprehensive, yet handy. The book addresses all aspects of critical care ultrasonography and transthoracic echocardiography, including its use in the diagnostics and the common bedside procedures. The authors also provide excellent illustrations to explain the salient points. Each chapter ends with a set of self-assessment questions. It also comes with some high-quality videos as an additional feature. This book will teach the beginner and stay with the regular user of point-of-care ultrasonography as a quick reference. I foresee a wide acceptance of this book among the critical care physicians.

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  1. Basics of Point-of-Care Ultrasound
  2. Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Cannulation
  3. Point of Care Ultrasound of the Airway
  4. Point-of-Care Ultrasound of the Lungs
  5. Point-of-Care Ultrasound of the Heart: Transthoracic
  6. Vascular Ultrasound Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma
    (FAST) Exam
  7. Miscellaneous POCUS: Gastric Ultrasound, Urinary
  8. Bladder Ultrasound, Ocular Ultrasound, Obstetric POCUS
  9. POCUS: What does the Future Hold?

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