Sách kiểm soát đau dưới hướng dẫn siêu âm: Atlas of Ultrasound Guided Procedures in Interventional Pain Management

The first edition of this book was published in 2011, and I was lucky enough to have it on my shelf to compare it with the present one that is reviewed. Since 2011, an update was to keep up with the huge volume of new techniques and information about ultrasound-guided techniques for pain and regional anesthesia. This is a single-editor book with several well-known authors contributing who cover the wide range of subjects reviewed in the text. The volume is nicely presented with a color hard cover, and the pages are of good-quality paper, although not as bright as in the First Edition that made the ultrasound pictures look better.

The book is organized in 7 parts, covering imaging in interventional pain and basics of ultrasound, spine sonoanatomy and ultrasound-guided spine injections, ultrasound-guided abdominal and pelvic blocks, ultrasound-guided peripheral blocks and catheters, diagnostic and musculoskeletal ultrasound, diagnostic neurosonology, and advanced and new applications of ultrasound. In total, there are 36 chapters, a few more than in the First Edition, spread over 334 pages. Nineteen out of the 36 chapters unfortunately are carbon copies of the old ones from the first edition and 8 years having passed between publication times. In most of the areas, there are many new references and a much larger paradigm that were left unexplained to the reader. Among these “old chapters,” however, the reader may find real jewels requiring no changes or perhaps minimal updates like spine sonoanatomy by Dr Bernard Moriggl, basics of ultrasound: pitfalls and limitations by Drs Vincent Chan and Anahi Perlas, and essential knobology for ultrasound-guided regional and interventional pain management by Drs Alan J. R. Macfarlane, Cyrus C. H. Tse, and Richard Brull. Some of the newly written chapters are outstanding like the one on ultrasound-guided upper extremity blocks by Jason McVicar, Sheila Riazi, and Anahi Perlas with excellent text and beautiful and well-explained figures, ultrasound-guided superficial trigeminal nerve blocks by David A. Spinner and Jonathan S. Kirschner, ultrasound-guided greater occipital nerve block by Bernhard Moriggl and Manfred Greher, ultrasound of peripheral nerves by Swati Deshmukh and Jonathan Samet, and, finally, occipital neuralgia: sonoanatomy and sonopathology of the occipital nerves by the editor Samer N. Narouze.

Pictures and drawings explaining procedures are well presented with nice colors, but in some cases, it is intriguing and disappointing not to find actual pictures with the needle in the tissue despite the fact that the authors are experienced in these techniques and must have a good collection of nice images from their work in the last 8 years.

Both for the newcomer in the field of ultrasound-guided pain management as well as for the seasoned practitioner, this second edition is an outstanding text from a leader in the field. Some chapters, as explained by the editor in the prologue, include excellent step-by step descriptions of the techniques. We hope the next edition will come with some missed procedures like trans quadratus lumborum block, erector spinae block, sympathetic blocks at the lumbar region, pectoralis nerve, and serratus plane blocks.

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