Sách siêu âm can thiệp: Interventional Ultrasound – a practical guide and Atlas

Can thiệp dưới hướng dẫn của siêu âm

This book does what it says on the tin. It is more than a practical guide; it is a comprehensive atlas of interventional procedures, whether ultrasound assisted or not.

The authors open with a brief history chapter, then proceed through materials and equipment to a valuable chapter on consent, which is welcome. There are surprisingly interesting chapters on the relative merits and handling of specimens obtained by fine needle aspiration or core biopsy, followed by a chapter on pathological interpretation. A very useful contribution on contraindications, complications and complication management is followed by an odd section on assistance in ultrasound interventions to round up before moving on to specific procedure-related chapters.

My review is based on the chapters relating to my personal expertise in general abdominal percutaneous procedures. These sections are easy to read, well laid out, with good imaging and good graphics to explain practical elements. There are helpful photographs and details of a fairly comprehensive range of equipment and instruments. Procedures are explained in real detail, such as suture methods for securing catheters, anchor methods, etc., as well as the expected explanation of the use of ultrasound guidance to assist access.

Appropriate attention is given to post-procedural care and possible complications. Unexpected detail on the clinical context of some procedures and post-procedural therapy is very welcome.

Inevitably, there are minor disappointments. A very short paragraph on percutaneous gallbladder drainage was inadequate for such a common procedure, and the list of contraindications for percutaneous gastrostomy was deficient. But this is an attractive, comprehensive text, which can be recommended both as an introduction to trainees, a practical guide for more experienced operators extending practise into new areas, and a driver for quality assurance in interventional practice.

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