[FREE] Abdominal X-raysfor Medical Students

The abdominal radiograph is commonly encountered within the hospital setting, and often junior doctors are the first to review and act upon the radiograph findings. Medical students therefore need to learn how to interpret basic signs and pathology on an abdominal radiograph.

This book is a follow‐up to Chest X‐rays for Medical Students, which Anthony and I wrote a few years ago to help medical students with chest radiographs. Since publishing the chest X‐ray book, I have entered clinical radiology training at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and passed fellowship exams. Anthony has retired, returning a few days a week to continue reporting and teaching. This book has taken approximately 12 months to write and much longer to collect all the radiographs featured within.

This book is not intended to be used as an encyclopaedic reference but as a colourful and informative teaching aid to help medical students, junior doctors, radiographers and nurses learn the basics of abdominal X‐ray interpretation in a simplified, logical and systematic way. We try to avoid confusing terms and fully explain any commonly used radiographic signs such as thumbprinting or Rigler’s sign.


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